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Proven to satisfy, warm caring doctors and team, in a comfortable home, garden setting, parking

Now how wonderful is that! Check what your satisfied neighbours say about the great care we have for you too. Our patients love Ladner Dental.


OUR DENTISTRY CHANGES LIVES ... because we listen and provide the best services possible with great comfort too !

You too will be happy here, just ask your neighbour if this is true . Ladner Dental, great service for over 30 years

Come in,  let us serve your needs too in a lovely, relaxed and peaceful setting.  Gardens, full clinic, amazing staff

Again, just ask your neighbour, your neighbour is happy here, and you will be too. Number one for referrals.

We  understand that there are a lot of clinics to choose from but our exceptional clinic will help you makes the right choices.  Here you will r eceive the newest technology comfortably. We stay current. We train hard as it is our passion to have happy clients who refer others to us.

And what's new?  Well, reversing small cavities so a filling is not needed, and even healing deep decay so a root canal is sometimes not needed.  Now how good is that?   Most importantly we are help you work towards less frequent cleanings by improving your disease resistance with some simple home care tips... that give you the added bonus of improved over-all health, as well as less wear and tear on you roots. Proven to enhance your health is this good gum connection. Now how good is that? Check out the periodontics section for the tips.

We are so looking forward to helping you too and look forward seeing you satisfied and happy. Our happy clients refer most.

Come in sometime and try a trial smile makeover, a fun instant way to reveal your fuller beauty.  Simple radiance provided for all smiles.

Call us now 604 946-2511


The beautiful thing is, the personalized choices you make here make a difference in comfort and health you will enjoy for the rest of your life !

Now  how wonderful is that !

You too can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. We focus  solely on your desires and needs  to maximize your health and beauty.  Our goal is to provide dental experiences and results that far surpass anything you have experienced before. We understand not only the technical aspects of your care but the emotional aspects of your comfort and specific needs.

So call us now, we so look forward to caring for you . We will give you care that will leave you smiling

Call us now 604-9462511

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And, YES, anytime you wish, for your comfort, choose sedation for $40. This price includes a one-pill medication and /or Nitrous , monitoring, as well as a mask you then keep at home.

New Cosmetic and General
Dental Patients all Welcome!

Come Discover, your neighbour says its true :




---- THE FOLLOWING NOTES ARE BONUS TIPS FOR THE AVID READER... some of the added extras ! -----

---- IN OUR OWN WORDS: We wrote this site ourselves so you have a clearer idea of our own philosophy and approach to your care ----

OUR DENTISTS ARE VALUED: We are proud to be able to say , other dentists come to Ladner Dental for diagnosis and treatments , from as far away as south of the border.  If you want to enjoy an exceptional smile and excellent dental outcomes,  our place is for you.

COSMETICS: We will give you something to really smile about! Working together with your vision and our expertise, we ensure comfort and function. Enjoy an even nicer smile and a bite that works well. We have three decades of changing lives one smile at a time and offer you results that will leave you smiling.

OUR STAFF: Our practice's success is because we are a  group of kind top trained, dedicated individuals who support each other well. With over 250 years of combined years of service , this happy long term team dedicates their working lives to your health and comfort. The majority of us have over two decades of service here. We cherish long lasting relationships with our patients, its a real honor to serve you.

CONVENIENT: Dentistry is complex. We keep it current and manageable with 4 dentists who all stay expert in their own special area of skills, be it root canals, implants, cosmetics, crowns, or surgeries. We do this to ensure you get the best possible up-to-date experience in comfort with predictably good results. Our systems are well established and continue to develop to meet your needs as best as we can. All in an up-to-date new clinic set in a heritage garden which is another  way we celebrate our lovely community.

LESS TREATMENT IS BEST: Needing less dentistry is best, and after your risk assessment, maybe less will be yours too!  For example, your dental cleanings may be less often featuring individualized care is individualized set to  the level of  your  systemic health. If you are healthy one time per year in fine. Being a medical model, if there is no disease there is no treatment. The benefit to you is NO instruments on healthy roots, so less "were and tear" because the work is precisely ONLY DONE where it is needed. Reduced time in the office and the bonus is your OVERALL HEALTH is improve due to removing the burden of chroinc inflammation.We are able to do this as Dr. Shpak taught how to heal gum disease at the dental school for a decade, and was awarded recognition for this, and now provides this focused and proven approach to you ( so no lasers ) Come on in and discover the difference of this gentler system designed to respond to fluctuations in your resistance to gum disease. Enjoy the difference this recognized system of care provides as it gently reduces your risk for bone loss around your teeth, while improving your over all health as less chronic inflammation is proven to be less of a health burden. Let us help to intelligently reduce the chronic burden of inflammation that poorly managed gum disease creates.                     I mprove your overall health with us.

We love getting to help you enjoy the health and beauty you desire

EXPERIENCED DENTISTS: Hello, this is Dr. Shpak and Dr. Spence. We love making a difference in people's lives by improving health and comfort, and the enjoyment of an even nicer smile. We are very experienced which is what is needed to ensure your satisfaction. We are graduates of the highly esteemed Kois Center and consult between the two of us, on all your cases. We have lots of reasons to celebrate, including 35 amazing years as husband and wife. Not being experts at everything, we are pleased to refer complex implants to Dr. Norm Ickert"s team. You can also count on his work and expertise. Dr. Ickert's team is also careful with your money. They too are good people, and excellent clinicians. Come in and make good decisions with our guidance, as the good choices you make today are a great way to care better for your future self. Your perspective is our focus and we take the time to learn it well.

Come and experience great care in a relaxed atmosphere.

FEWER XRAYS: Your individualized interval for xrays is based on a caries risk assessment with majority of our clients needing  fewer.We also use the newest software and computerized immunoflourescence to assist diagnosis , at no extra cost to you.

SECOND OPINIONS: A lot of people come for this ... and, we are happy to say, often stay for the solutions we offer!

REFERRALS WELCOME: Our goal is to care for you so well, that you too recommend us to family and friends! Exceptional experiences for all.

Ladner Dental Clinic....a great reason to smile!

WELL INFORMED CHOICES: At Ladner Dental, we listen, we consult, and provide gentle care . Get your best fit option for more comfort now, and more importantly, avoid troubles and costs when older.

$40 SEDATION: One pill sedation or nitrous for only $40. which is the cost of the mask you keep. You are able to drive home after nitrous.

DENTAL IMPLANTS: We have 30 years of success in dental implants, and have been trained by the top specialists in the world to help ensure success and comfort. We also ran  charity implant clinics in Egypt and in a Carribean country as a fantastic way to service the world, and give back. Great experineces and many happy clients here in Delta.  However, we now refer the surgery for the implant roots to Dr. Martin Kim in Richmond or Dr. Andrea Lynch in Surrey recognizing that the surgical equipment has now changed to a  more specialized level. Each are also solely focused on providing  the most kind, honest and wise services possible. We still provide all the complex crown placement for you on these.

SHORT TERM COSTMETIC ORTHO: enjoy a better smile in only 6 months. Wear clear braces of "Minor tooth Movement" or "Clearline " system as good choices and preferred by us over "Invisalign".

DENTAL PLANS: We recognize that it can be a challenge to receive the care you need. We have spent our careers making dentisty acceesible to you and offer you two options and how to receive care. #1. You pay fully at time of service and we give you forms for you to submit to your insurance and you deal with them directly. #2. You pay only your portion at time of service and we deal with your company for the balance. To provide this we require your credit care to be safely encrypted and vaulted by a third party at TD Bank in case your coverage is incomplete. "Experiencing excellence creates inner joy"               You are most welcome to come in and experience the joy of a new level of car We are so looking forward to serving you too!

Proudly serving: Delta, BC Richmond, BC Vancouver, BC Surrey

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