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Kavo Diagnocam Carivu

We are pleased to provide you now with this exciting new technology. Using and infrared light and the marvelous Carivu Dexis software, we are able to diagnose decay for many teeth, without xrays , with images equal too or superior to xrays. Check this out on Kavo Diagnocam/ /Carivu Dexis on YouTube, a well done video.

This advanced technology works due to the difference between how light shines thru healthy teeth, but will not pass thru where the decay process has demineralized the tooth structure. Just a great way to detect early decay and to show you how far the decay has progressed thru the enamel layer.

The reason we are excited is that the very earliest decay can often be totally reversed with home use of flouride. So, if you are still getting decay you will also benefit from home flouride treatments, either nightly of prevident 5000 or clinpro 5000 if recommended by your dental professional...,or at the minumum to rub regular Colgate Cavity Protection toothpaste on your teeth 2 more times per day, after eating, followed by swishing and not swallowing. And to do this for a minumun of 6 months .( Also besides restregthening the enamel, this extra use of flouride has been shown to change the biofilm ecology in your plaque to one that causes less decay, good!) So, come on in and we can have a small chat about this is you wish.

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