Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

Choosing a cosmetic dentist is the most important decision you can make for yourself.  We know how important your smile and health is to you and our proud of the care and expertise you get to have with us. All dentists are not the same. Most depend upon a computor to design a smile. Here  at Ladner Dental we find that this is not quite accurate enough of a fit for your unique smile frame and size of face. We have extensive experience in advanced cases, work hard at continuous advanced training, and are gentle and so very able to meet your needs and specific wants. All this is  critical when you choose a dentist, as you want the best possible smile, and you deserve it.

After talking with you we will schedule a short appointment whereby you can trial wear your new smile in the chair, as it is done right with you in the chair. This  very helpful and easy experience  creates a smile that is in balance and harmony with your lips and face.  It has taken years of training and experience to be able to provide this for you in such a useful fashion and we are very proud of our ablility and so pleased to be able to provide this enjoyable experience for you too.Again, note our training lets us  custom design this for you with you in the chair rather than computor generated which can not recognized the subtle details nor overall size and proportions of your face and lips.  Cosmetic dentistry if done right is a complex and exacting set of procedures that can enhance your smile and health and overall , your life ,for years to come. All our hard training is worth it, just to get to watch you enjoy a better smile made just for you.

Take your time finding the right dentist. Take time to explore the procedures and you will have a better understanding and emotional comfort later. If in doubt see a few different cosmetic dentists for a consultation.  Make sure that your choice has extensive experience  and knowledge so they can provide the level of result you desire. They should have continued to take a complete series of on-going courses in cosmetic dentistry. Be aware of someone promising a short recovery if advanced techniques are needed, it is best to be well advised as to the actual degree of difficulty and time that is expected to achieve what you wish to have. Hopefully all of this will be found with a dentist who is also caring and a good communicator as they need to be willing to understand your desires and to provided treatments with ease and confidence, so you feel safe and comfortable.


We invite you to come in for a consult . We provide cosmetic dentistry with utmost care and attention to detail for a long lasting comfortable and healthy result.

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