Dental Assistants

Our Certified Dental Assistants have an accumulated work experience of more than 50 years. This tremendous strength and depth of knowledge and talent has produced a level of skill far past all certification requirements. A lot of extra and difficult course work and clinical training clubs went into achieving this. You can be assured that they are fully informed about each aspect of your dental care providing you with the best possible experience. These dental professionals all share your excitement and satisfaction with the results of your dental services. Not only that, they are wonderful people who love to serve the people they are with. Having you have an amazing experience is their passion and forte. Do come in and experience the difference. We are all eager to help you as best as possible.

Cindy Phillips

Cindy Phillips has a very diverse dental background having also worked in other high level dental offices. She excels at juggling the minute to minute complexities in the clinical area. She thoughtfully supplies all her advanced skills in a very caring fashion and, because of her constant support; the systems are always ready for you for accurate and precise performance. Cindy is proud to be able to provide you with results you can be enthusiastic about. She is outgoing and humorous yet very dedicated and totally focused on helping to improve your smile and health. We are sure you will benefit, in many ways, from your time spent with Cindy.

Sharon Logan

Sharon Logan's work is primarily with Dr. Shpak. Due to her level of advanced training, she is capable and pleased to provide some of the more extended clinical services for you. This higher level of understanding also makes her a great co-pilot and co-designer in the esthetics area.

Her passion for the creative dental arts is matched by her love for roses. She is our in-house rose expert!

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