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COVID SCREENING FORM: please fill in this screening form before your appointment , and please let us help cancel if you are not well, CLICK HERE:  Screening 

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COVID 19 Protocols  TAKE A LOOK HERE TOO! beautiful graphics and informative too

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                                                                               if you wish, discuss this option with us

                                                                                   For your first in-chair care receive

COMPLIMENTARY one-pill sedation

lets chat when you are next in about this possible easy solution for even easier treatments

Receive dental treatments while you relax. Come in 30 minutes early and let one pill dissolve under your tongue. Then be pleasantly surprised just how relaxed your muscles are, that your face is smiling, and that the time just flies by, as this sedation makes your dental work so easy to receive. This is a very safe drug that anyone could take at home, once prescribed by their MD, but in the dental office you must be monitered. So we place a BP cuff on you and we moniter you. You will need a drive home as your reaction times are dulled, you are awake but too relaxed.

So, hoping to remove one barrier treatment and to give you the best dental appointments you have ever had! Nitrous is also available on request if you do not have a ride home."

                                                                    Thank you for the priviledge of serving your needs.

                                                                    Cheers, Dr. Carol Shpak for the Ladner Dental Team

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