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Accepting  new cosmetic 

and general dental patients, Welcome!

5028 47A Avenue

Delta, BC V4K 1T8 Canada


Our Treatment Philosophy

I wish to say this clearly and proudly.  This is Dr. Carol Shpak. 

We are eager to help you as we have so many people in Ladner, Tsawwasen, and even outside of BC who come here as their friends and neighbors tell them too.  Our  goal is to help you with the best dental care available and to fit it to your own particular needs.  Giving you a better smile and better health makes us proud of our incredible staff and team are able and eager to do. We sincerely hope your journey to long-term dental health is a pleasant one. We encourage you to join us and let us bring you a dental experience that you have never had before. We look forward to the chance to hear your input, dreams or desires and hope to earn the honor to have  a great long relationship with you and your friends and family. It is our passion to serve and proved an exceptional experience on all levels to you.

If you wish, we will guide you towards obtaining any dental outcome you may desire. With you we will together, provide you a plan at the level you desire.

It is surprising how often a small change can give you a healthier and better smile. However we are able to do all you need right here as we have over the years developed the team who can deliver it no matter the complexity. Some results are delivered in stages, yet your comfort and are the prime directives as to the pace you proceed at.

Our hope is that you, like most of our current clients, will come to see that our caring approach is one that is thoughtfully planned and intelligently designed to improve your dental experience and contribute to a future, free of unfortunate and unexpected dental incidents. We take extraordinary care to make your experience a great one!

 A special those of you who are interested in enhancing your smile: We are trained in the newest techniques that will enhance your smile. Training in this area of esthetics has been our special interest for over 25 years.  We specialize in giving you something to smile about. We have dramatically improved the appearance of many of our patients' teeth and smiles, sometimes with surprisingly simple techniques--- please ask to see our collection of photographs.                                                                                                                

I am Dr. Carol Shpak and I am happy to speak for all of us at Ladner Dental Clinic, for all your expert dental providers, as to why we do what we do? What motivates us to provide comfort with such exacting and precise techniques and detail?

The answer is… you do!

We want to make you the happiest and the healthiest you have ever been. And the reason is , well, we just get so excited seeing you, our patient, feeling fantastically rejuvenated, be it with that new smile you dreamed of, or just because you feel overall healthier and happier .

We are hooked on giving you exactly what you want.

And how do we do that?  We ask! …Yes , we ask you!  We ask what do you personally want and why.  It is a privilege to be able to spend all the time with you that is needed to find out what you want for yourself and your smile and then to, with you, develop a custom plan with you. Yes, we give you what you want, but aim to exceed your expectations! because that is where your greater enjoyment , and therefore our enjoyment, is to be found!

So here at our Ladner center for cosmetics, sedation, implants and family dental wellness, we ask you what is the most important thing that we can do for you…. so that you have the health, pleasure and comfort for yourself and your smile that you desire, deserve, and maybe even dreamed of. And then with precision and exacting care we provide exactly that.

Sometimes it is your desire to get rid of a bite problem, or to improve your smile, or to simply whiten your teeth. We have also treated many , many people who have been away from dentistry for 20 years or more, and we are so happy to be able to get be given the opportunity to get them back into shape… all with no lectures and maybe, if requested in advance, sedation, the simple one pill solution to ease worries, and to relax in comfort listening to favorite choices on a headset, napping away under a soft blanket. Almost blissful eh? ? Well we do hope so! 

 And, to hear your heart-felt joy at being finally pain and worry free is such a treat that it makes our over 3 decades of extra training and accumulating skill so, so very worthwhile.

And why do we do SMILE IN A DAY? I guess to hear “HOLY….” And because we know that WE are able to design it so that it fits YOUR face and smile , and your bite. All to provide  you with optimum excitement over the rejuvenation effect and your enhanced beauty.

So come join us! We are keen to find what that most important thing is that we can do just for you.

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