Occlusal Adjustment

Do you wake in the morning with sore jaws?

When you bite, do you feel like your jaw is lopsided? If so, then you may need an occlusal adjustment.

An occlusal adjustment corrects the alignment of the bite, that is a result of loose, shifting, crowded, or missing teeth. The result is an evenly distributed bite that eliminates irregular pressure on one side of the mouth.  Once your bite is adjusted, your teeth will meet properly. Occlusal adjustment causes minimal pain, and only a little discomfort. The adjustment is made by using a dental drill using a fine filing stone. In addition to the actual adjustment, removal mouthpieces are also utilized, to protect the tooth surface, and relax the jaw muscles once the adjustment is completed.

Who is a good candidate for an occlusal adjustment?  Patients with loose or shifting teeth will many times not meet correctly. Patients, who grind or clench their teeth, will have an uneven bite and pressure distribution in the mouth, which is also corrected through an occlusal adjustment. Sometimes tooth sensitivity can be corrected through an occlusal adjustment as the treatment reduces pressure on the sensitive tooth.

There is new technology that allows dentists to use a computor to scan and record contact points. At Ladner Dental clinic we actaully have found that this did not create an adequately physiologic jaw postion which is needed to ensure that the muscles used for chewing are as relaxed as possible DURING function too. Since it is in function that forces are directed,   ( or excessive forces maldirected ) onto your  teeth, it is crucial that the physiologic "home" br found for the bite.  At Ladner Dental clinic we use a diagnostic appliance called the DEPROGRAMMER'. It is as simple as an orhtodontic retainer and similar in appearance and used to find this correct positon for your jaw in the jaw joint. The result is improved comfort, decreased mobility, less fatiguing of teeth and dental work due to excessive or maldirected forcs , and an overall more solid feeling "home". Please do ! Come on in and talk to me, Dr Carol Shpak .  I am happy to help you too.  I have had clients who have dentists in their family come to me for this , as well as several dentists themselves, as the they know my deprogrammers work !  And overall it  is a simple and not expensive way o rehabilitate your mouth, or to provide relief unlike some of the myofascial adjustments or complex long term appliance wear used elsewhere.  We will have a diagnosis for you and a treatment plan within a week or two of your wearing our DEPROGRAMMER.  The credit for this fabulous device goes to the Kois Centre for developing it with its group of specialists.  The credit for its success in our office goes to our dedication to accurate application and ongoing studies .  I truly hope to help you too!  Best, Dr. Carol Shpak..

If you suspect that you may need an occlusal adjustment, schedule an appointment.

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