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The senior dentists are members of various local study clubs and actively pursue continuing education in Creating Restorative Excellence (CRE) at the Kois Center. Dr. Kevin Spence and Dr. Carol Shpak share a practice philosophy of excellence so you may confidently receive longer lasting and more conservative comfortable treatment.  With  over thirty years of working hard for you, under the mentorship of several internationally recognized specialists we help you enjoy greater health and beauty. Over the years we have developed and implemented systems to provide you, and the community of Ladner, with the most current and widely accepted dental treatments. The clinic's wonderful reputation is based on the results of this commitment to excellence. Do come and experience the difference !

Dr. Carol Shpak Senior Dentist

Dr. Carol Shpak is a graduate of  the University Of Washington School of Dentistry. She also has the distinction of clinical associate professor from the Faculty of Dentistry at UBC and was also recently awarded a 20 year service pin from Children's Hospital.  Her education did not stop after graduating from Dental School completing advanced training in most specialties. Loving to care for you and to satisfy your desires is her passion and dedication. She has also been providing high level, quality care as a cosmetic and sedation dentist for over 25 years.  Dr. Shpak has also completed the advanced CRE training program and was awarded mentor status in 2001 enabling to teach other dentists.

Dr. Shpak's loves creating beautiful and healthy smiles that function perfectly.  It  is her forte.  " Yes, I am happiest in the office serving needs of all levels of complexity as I love making my patients happy, this gives me such a lift. I love what I am able to do  with my incredible team. We provide the best dentistry has to offer.  All our hard training to get  to this level of caring skill is so worth it, as we get to experience  the trust and friendship offered me in return ".

Dr. Shpak takes great pride in making you a health smile that you can really smile about!

BALANCED BITE:  JUST LIKE TIRES ON YOUR CAR .  Sometimes you can have headaches, jaw pain or worn down teeth because you are suffering from a BAD BITE.  Dr. Shpak will examine for this and discuss what can be done. A balanced bite lets all dental work last longer and can provide a more pleasing face as the muscles finally relax. She will help you have a comfortable and well built bite that wears  a life-enhancing smile.

Her professional membership has included the American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association, and the well-known American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry,  Richard Tucker Study Group, to name a few.

Dr. Kevin Spence Senior Dentist

Dr. Kevin Spence opened the practice in 1984. He received his Bachelor of Science degree with distinction from the University of Victoria and is a graduate of the University of British Columbia School of Dentistry. Dr. Spence has completed post-graduate program in hospital dentistry at UBC, which included advanced training at UBC Hospital, VGH and the Cancer Clinic of BC.

He has also completed an extensive program with the Creating Restorative Excellence of Washington State and was awarded mentorship designation from this internationally recognized institution in 2001. Dr. Spence's major interest is general dentistry and crown and bridge rebuilding for complex cases. His advanced years of surgical training allows you to confidently receive gently care during complex treatments.  He has decades of experience placing the implants, implant surgery, crowns and the esthetic enhancement of your smile. Patients are consistently most appreciative of the results of his precision techniques and his easy going interpersonal ways.

" I have made so many great relationships and have been able to be of help to so many people in so many ways that I could never imagine a better career.  I would like to take care of your needs too. Do come in for a visit and we can talk about what you would like me to do for you to improve your smile , bite, comfort and health. Just whatever you wish to discuss is fine by me. I am here to help"

DR. SHPAK AND DR. SPENCE  have over 3 decades of happy marriage.

Dr. Clarence Wong Associate Dentist

Dr. Clarence Wong graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science as well as a Doctor of Dental medicine. He joined the practice in 2003 and has enjoyed working with the staff and patients of the clinic.

Dr. Wong takes special interest in the field of dental surgery, endodontics and preventative dentistry. With these treatments, maximum effort is taken to preserve natural teeth and to prevent oral diseases. He is always broadening his dental knowledge base with continuing education courses to better serve his patients. He is a very pleasant fellow who is eager for you to have an exceptionally good dental experience, better than you have ever had.

Dr. Lisa Turner Associate Dentist

Dr. Lisa Turner graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in 1987. She received her Doctor of Dental medicine from the University of Detroit in 1994. She did a general practice residency in Connecticut the following year.

Dr. Turner practised in the USA for several years mainly in out reach clinics or with disadvantaged children.She returned home in 2001 and joined the practice in 2006. Dr. Turner enjoys needlecrafts, gardening and spending time with her family. Her peaceful ways instill confidence and loyalty in her patients of many years.

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